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Unto a blogger’s life a little rain must fall. I’ve blogged for over ten years at Lost Highway Times, and during that time I’ve come against the wall of lack of actual, objective, news, again and again. Bloggers are in a sense parasites feeding on the factual reporting done by others, and if that reporting isn’t there, the bloggers’ opinions can’t be formulated. So I’ve decided to contribute to that actual, factual, unbiased, reporting, on top of writing the very opinionated editorials at Lost Highway Times. Lost News Seattle will focus on presenting raw reporting on issues going on around the city, hopefully encouraging the development of a better media culture, in both the blogging and non-blogging worlds, here in the Seattle area.

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    • That should be a great time to visit!! I would rcmeomend these tourist attractions:1.Space Needle2.Pacific Science Center(in the same vicinity as space needle)3.The experience music project4. There are carnival rides around all 3 of the above5.Pike Place Market(you can buy fresh produce or local products, plus you can see the flying fish market )6.5th avenue(great shopping)7.See a play at the paramount theater8.If you have a rental car snoqualmie falls!(30 min. drive from seattle, totally worth it though)9. Pacific Center(good shopping)10.Go to Gelatiamo(the greatest Ice Cream place in seattle, take a cab to it, its about a 10 minute cab ride or you can walk there depending on where you are, if you are near the waterfront you can walk there)11.Gameworks(a gamers paradise!)12.The metropolitan grill(top 10 steak place in the country)13.Go on an argosy cruise14.Go to Fremont to shop at boutiques and see the troll under the bridge(seriously!!)Have a great trip and hope this helps you!!

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